Thermal Touchscreen Gloves -
Thermal Touchscreen Gloves -
Thermal Touchscreen Gloves -
Thermal Touchscreen Gloves -

Thermal Touchscreen Gloves

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Designed with metal-featuring conductive threads allowing you to access your smartphones and gadgets with touchscreens while keeping your hands warm.

It comes with a heat retention feature keeping your hands warm up and down to your whole body. Waterproof and weatherproof, perfect for all activities with its elasticity allowing your hand to move freely


  • Works on Touchscreen

Manufactured with conductive threads allowing your fingers to access smartphones and other touch screen gadgets. 

  • Warm

Made from premium leather on the outside, soft thermal plush fabric on the inside and thick heat conductive materials keep your hands warm and eventually your whole body.  

  • Waterproof and Weatherproof

Waterproof and weatherproof; giving you comfort every time you wear it. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities. You can bring it for travel, especially during the winter.

  • Elastic

Wrap perfectly around your hands and fingers while also giving you enough room and elasticity to move freely.

  • Stylish

Comes in an elite design; suitable with any type of outfits. Beautifully designed without compromising comfort.


Size: Free Size

Color: Black

Package Includes

1 Pair of Thermal Touchscreen Gloves


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