Instant Cooling UV-Resistant Sports Towel -
Instant Cooling UV-Resistant Sports Towel -

Instant Cooling UV-Resistant Sports Towel

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Summer is here and let us handle the heat for you. Enjoy your Summer workouts with a splash of chill - check out our Instant Cooling UV-Resisgant Sports Towel for a refreshingly great experience!

The thin and breathable fabric has made a highly intensive structure and the cooling microfiber is locked under the double weave treatment, providing an effective and efficient cooling result to every user with UV protection. The advanced evaporative technology allows a longer time to evaporate which means it stays cool longer on us.

Simply soak in water (even for hot ones!), wring it to dry and fling for 3-5 times, you are all set to surround yourself for an icy touch. It’s soft and lightweight, absolutely portable for any occasion you hit. No more sweaty and sticky feelings will be around. 


  • UV-proof, highly absorbent, breathable and lightweight fabric
  • Cooling microfiber firmly locked in double weave treatment
  • Easy and simple to use: Soak in water, wring it to dry and fling for 3-5 times
  • Advanced evaporative technology which makes the cooling effect long lasting
  • Perfectly stitched with anti-bacterial treatment
  • Environmental friendly: Washable and reusable
  • Fit for all occasions: Foldable and portable
  • No more water dripping during workouts


Colors: Green, Turquoise, Blue, Hot Pink, Pink, Purple, Brown, Grey & Orange.

Size: 30 cm (H) x 90 cm (W)



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