Diatom Mud Bath Mat

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Capable of absorbing moisture and odours. It’s anti-bacterial and prevents mould and has a lifespan of 10 years.

Thanks to its special microporous structure, when humidity rises, the ultrafine pores can automatically absorb water.


  • Water Absorption

Made of the King of moisture absorption - Diatom Mud. A natural mineral to quickly absorb moisture and keep your feet clean and dry.

  • Quick Drying

Water disperses in no time, for a bacteria-free bath mat.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Diatom Mud is a naturally sourced mineral that has a long serving lifespan, avoiding tons of plastic waste.

  • Non-Slip

Can also be used as a safety slip resistance, providing a better stability for walking for a bath / shower.

  • Premium Quality

Diatom Mud’s absorption is 5000 times of bamboo charcoal’s, designed with two layers of protective covers for extra safety, abortion and durability. 


Size: 52*32cm

Color: Dark Gray, Light Gray


1x Diatom Earth Bath Mat

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