Deep Cleansing Blackhead Peel off Mask -

Deep Cleansing Blackhead Peel off Mask

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Now you can Peel off the Stubborn Blackhead easily!

You are tired of using other traditional painful and ineffective methods?Time to change it to this Deep Cleansing Blackhead Peel off Maskl!


It offers an easy solution to Tackle common skin problems. Even better, this face mask removes blemishes, clears the effect of computer radiation on the skin, and makes the skin firmer among many other benefits.



  • Deep Facial Cleansing and Blackhead Removal
    The Activated Charcoal content effectively removes Blackheads, Blemishes. It also prevents acnes formation.
  • In-Depth Moisturization
    Moisturize and Brightens your Skin, providing a charming and young feeling for your skin
  • Improves Blood Circulation
    Improves the blood circulation of capillaries under skin.
  • Reduce Radiation from Cellphones and Computer
    The Radiations from digital devices can hurt your skin. The activated charcoal content can repair your skin and reduce the harmful radiations from hurting your skin


Deep Cleansing Blackhead Peel Off Mask x 1
Net Weight: 60ml


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