Anti-Rust Instant Solve Cleaner -
Anti-Rust Instant Solve Cleaner -
Anti-Rust Instant Solve Cleaner -

Anti-Rust Instant Solve Cleaner

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Restore old rusty items to newly shiny in no time!

Anti-Rust Instant Solve Cleaner instantly removes stubborn rust & inhibits corrosion by leaving a protective coat for a prolonged rust-free effect.

Using Rust Removal Technology with potent actives, it transforms rusty, tarnished chrome to its original gleaming luster. Specifically formulated for wide application over metal, body filler, stainless steel, and fiberglass.

The quick dissolve formula requires no labor  - No scrubbing, brushing or other hard work.


  • Instantly dissolves rust from most metal surfaces
  • Forms a lubricatingprotective film for a prolonged anti-oxidation effect
  • Leaves a polished & shiny finish coating
  • Doubles as corrosion inhibitor for preventative maintenance product
  • Creates no damage or stain to surfaces
  • Easy & safe to use in kitchen, cars and more
  • Widely applicable to most metal surfaces to restore luster
  • Net Weight: 100ml


  • Spray directly on rusted area. Swipe off with a cloth after 1-2mins.
  • Or soak small parts in the solution. Let sit for 1-2 mins then dry.


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