Algae Remover Agent -
Algae Remover Agent -
Algae Remover Agent -
Algae Remover Agent -
Algae Remover Agent -

Algae Remover Agent

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Fighting with stubborn and clinging algae, chlorella and moss? This powerful cleaner will help you eliminate and get rid of those nasty green-ish water in a matter of minutes!

Turn your fish tank or pond into CRYSTAL CLEAR water paradise with a single use of our Algae Remover Agent, for a better view and healthier living environment for you pet fishes.

Breakdown and dissolve the nutrients that cause algae and green water, balancing the pH level and the number of microorganisms to eliminate and prevent pollution.


  • Water Purifier

Eliminate excessive algae, chlorella and moss to clean and prevent pollution in water.

  • Reduces Algae

Safely eliminates mildew, mold, and algae by dissolving and breaking down the very cause of their build-up.

  • Safe Formula

It is non-acidic, non-caustic and contains no bleach for the best well-being of your pet fishes.

  • Easy to Use

Forget about mold and mildew cleaners requiring tedious scrubbing work!


Size: 50g

Shelf Life: 36 Months


1x Algae Remover Agent

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